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A life in White Nationalism by Eddy Morrison
INTRODUCTION "Memoirs of a Street Soldier" is my politico-biography of a sorts. I say of a sorts because it is not the story of my life - eventful but of no real interest to White Nationalists. It is however the story of three decades of struggle in various groups and parties within the White Nationalist Movement in Britain, and more recently through Aryan Unity, on a worldwide basis. I have split the story into smaller more readable parts as I know of nothing worse to put off potential readers than huge text files of daunting proportions, which inevitably get glanced at but never read. The main points I am trying to highlight in this grandly titled "Memoirs" is the vast difficulty in operating as a White Nationalist in the United Kingdom, fighting not just the enemy we can see, but the liberal consensus and the ever more repressive ZOG System. I am certainly not alone in facing the hardness and almost insurmountable problems that the System throws at Racial Revolutionaries, but I think my own personal experience is the best way of showing up-and-coming activists just what being a political soldier on the streets means, in terms of harassment; jail; fines; arrests; job and family loss and more. I know many White Nationalists who have undergone the same or even worse experiences and I am humbled in the knowledge that over the years comrades have even given their lives for the Cause. Through all this I have been guided by the teachings and works of the late, great American, George Lincoln Rockwell, who throughout my political life has been my inspiration and motivation.
To him, I dedicate this history...

Part 1

A life in White Nationalism by Eddy Morrison
Part One I was born in Leeds in 1949. The place I was born in was the sprawling block called Quarry Hill Flats, in Central Leeds. Built in the 1930's as a showcase of art decor architecture, they eventually degenerated into a slum area. However in the early fifties, they weren't a bad place to be brought up and I have fond memories of my early childhood. I am of Irish Catholic descent on my mothers side and Scottish on my fathers, though there is also a smattering of English and even Wallonian blood in my ancestry. So I can truly call myself an Aryan in every sense of the word. I attended grammar school in Leeds, leaving at age fifteen. At the age of eighteen after leaving the Royal Air Force, I joined the recently formed National Front. Before examining the reasons which drew me to White Nationalist politics, I will say how the formation of the NF came about. Prior to 1967, the White Nationalist Movement was split into various groups and factions (just as it is today!). To name but some - the League of Empire Loyalists led by A.K. Chesterton; the British National Party leader John Bean; The Greater Britain Movement led by John Tyndall; the National Socialist Movement of Colin Jordan which was soon to become the British Movement; the Racial Preservation Society based in Sussex; Union Movement technically still overseen by Oswald Mosley but run effectively by the late Jeffrey Hamm and a number of smaller groups. Of these, the Empire Loyalists, BNP and Racial Preservation Society came together to form the NF - initially led by A.K Chesterton with Andrew Fountaine as Deputy Chairman. Tyndall's Greater Britain Movement was absorbed about a year later and the NF acquired the effective monthly magazine "Spearhead". This monthly, together with Chesterton's "Candour" were our first two papers. My membership number on joining was 9067, but I estimate that our total national membership was about 1500. Our first activity - a march through Central London had just over a hundred activists on it. It was to be the first of many, many marches I attended. What took me from a staunch Labour Catholic family into the volatile world of White Nationalist and National Socialist politics? One in which over thirty years later, I still owe allegiance to. I drifted into becoming a National Socialist/White Nationalist (for me the terms are interchangeable) through firstly a life long love of military history. This interest although it covers warfare down the ages, and I have specialist interest in Napoleonic, American Civil War and the Roman Empire, inevitably led me to a thorough study of the Second World War - and again inevitably, to a lifetime study of National Socialist Germany. At first of course, I swallowed all the ZOG created rubbish about Nazi Germany. My reading list included such tripe as Schirer's "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"; Bullock's "Hitler - a study in tyranny" and Trevor-Roper's "Last Days of Hitler". I swallowed 'history' like this hook line and sinker, BUT somehow all these dark tales of the most tyrannical system in history did not seem to gel with what I knew of the fighting qualities of the German Wehrmacht and the glimpses I saw of the Nuremburg Party rallies filled with smiling, saluting Germans from all ages and from all backgrounds - who didn't look the least repressed. There were certainly no obvious guns in their backs to make them look overjoyed to see their Fuhrer. I contrasted this with the facts I knew about Stalinist Russia, which I was also studying at the time. I was told at school and in my other reading that the two "dictatorships" were as bad as each other - or that actually the Nazis were even worse! This did not look right. I knew about the Stalinist purges and I knew about the much vaunted "Night of the Long Knives", when Hitler legally executed a hundred or so neo-Bolshevic homosexuals to preserve the NS revolution. I knew without doubt that this was a mere speck compared to the twenty plus MILLIONS of his own people that the Marxist Stalin had done to death during the great purges. I read Alexander Solzenetsin's "Gulag Archipelago", and was struck continually by the fact that even this ex-inmate of the Stalin's horrific death camps could make statements (about German Communist leaders arrested by the Nazis) such as "and they were found innocent and released by the Gestapo unharmed. They left Germany for Russia where Stalin had them immediately imprisoned." (!) Facts such as this rested uneasily in my mind and I began to doubt the historically/political correct view of National Socialism. At this same time Leeds was beginning to see the first effects of mass coloured immigration and, in 1968, the first repressive Race Relations (sic) legislation was introduced. I knew this was coming and the blatant injustice of the proposed legislation which effectively banned White people from expressing their feelings and opinions about race, shook me, as I had always, mistakenly, believed we did live in a democracy. With ever more repressive legislation now being introduced on an annual basis, I now know what a bad joke this liberal "democracy" is! I knew I could not sit back and say and do nothing about my maturing political attitude which I knew was drawing me more and more towards White Nationalism. So in 1967, I sent off my subscription for party membership of the NF and received my black and yellow membership card - the scene was set for a life of adventure and struggle as an active White Nationalist....

Part 2

A life in White Nationalism by Eddy Morrison
Part Two When I first joined the then newly formed National Front, our membership in Leeds was about eight. The "branch" was a leftover from the BNP of John Bean and was led by a bricklayer named Phil Stone. (Phil died a few years ago and remained a good friend to the end). Our activists were myself and Phil and his two sons. The other members were non-active. Our nearest fellow NF member was Andrew Brons in Harrogate (later to become NF Chairman) and a NF group in Sheffield made up of ex-Union Movement and BNP members. Sheffield had about eight active members, so in 1967, all of Yorkshire contained approximately thirteen activists. I added to this quickly by recruiting four of my cousins (from my extended Anglo-Catholic family). I also had support from older uncles who had been members of Mosley's BUF in the 1930's when Leeds boasted a BUF presence of several thousand. Phil Stone almost immediately announced we were to stand a council candidate in the 1968 May elections and we started to soften up the area of Weetwood in North Leeds. We made weekly, sometimes twice a week, leaflet drops in the area. We also received a trickle of enquiries. At the same time we were hitting Leeds centre pretty hard with stickers advertising the NF slogan "Stop Immigration - Start Repatriation" and this also brought in three new members in a short space of time. They were all active ones too. In October 1967, six Leeds members made a harrowing trip in the back of an open land rover to London for the first Annual General Meeting at the Conway Hall in Westminster. This is where I came upon the first organised opposition I had ever seen. We walked into the hall through a small mob of spitting, cursing Marxists and Zionists. "God" I remember thinking, "they even look like trash". I have never changed my opinion of our opponents on the streets. A bigger pack of anti-social misfits I have never come across. These champions of the working class against us capitalist backed fascists (the way THEY thought about themselves) had much more ready cash than we had. They could hire halls quite freely because Labour Councils wouldn't ban these reds. They had weekly papers and the Communist Party even had a Soviet subsidised daily paper "The Daily Worker" (later to become "The Morning Star"). During the Conway Hall meeting, the reds hacked into the main power cable cutting most of the light and power but we struggled on and held the meeting. There were about two hundred at the meeting and it was great to meet other White Nationalists from all over the United Kingdom. At a social that night I first met future leading lights of the Movement - Martin Webster, Denis and Carol Pirie and Andrew Fountaine. It was to be some time before John Tyndall entered the NF fold officially, although his monthly magazine "Spearhead" backed the NF from it's inception. The next day (a Sunday), after sleeping on a London comrades floor, we went along to a Trafalgar Square rally of the Anglo-Rhodesian Society. Rhodesia at that time was at loggerheads with the Labour mis-Government of Britain who as usual where trying to sell out the Whites of Rhodesia who had built the country. The Anglo-Rhodesian Society promoted White Rhodesians interests in Britain. About one hundred NF infiltrated the crowd and we were soon in slanging matches with Anti-Apartheid members who were slagging off the speakers. Heated discussions between us and the Anti Apartheid Movement soon turned to scuffles, although I didn't trade any blows but stayed arguing with a group of reds who called me a 'capitalist lackey'. I had a laugh at this as they were nearly all students or University graduates, whilst this 'capitalist lackey' had to leave grammar school at fifteen to help support our family as my father was by then a wheelchair bound cripple due to an industrial accident. I remember cheering as the cops dragged a few bearded, duffle coated idiots into waiting police vans. None of our people were arrested and we spread NF leaflets throughout the Trafalgar Square crowd. Meanwhile, back in Leeds our first NF council election campaign was stepping up. I took two weeks holiday prior to the May election day - and we leafleted the area thoroughly. We had a bit of hostility but my experience of door to door leafleting is that if anyone comes out from their house, they are usually interested in what you have to say. A few stupid lefties would scream anti-fascist abuse at you from their own homes. Pretty stupid I thought, as of course we knew where they lived and wouldn't have to waste another leaflet on them. The election results came through on a May election night. Phil, myself, a cousin and Phil's two sons attended the count. I saw for the first time how we were shunned as lepers by all the System's approved political parties. We got 168 votes (about 4%), and were satisfied with that. Outside we were shadowed by a group of reds from the International Socialists (later Socialist Workers Party). We walked towards them looking as menacingly as we could and they scattered quickly when confronted by even a small group of White Nationalists. This phenomenon of much smaller groups of White Nationalists seeing off larger mobs of left wingers was something I was to get used to. But it amazed me at first for I came from an area of Leeds where youth gangs were the culture - and nobody ever ran! A few months after the election, Phil stepped down due to ill-health and I became Branch Organiser. I started holding small meetings under assumed names (always assumed names - we could not book a room as the NF as we wouldn't get one) - and invited the growing trickle of new supporters and members. I also started to learn that the trade of chairing meetings, and speaking. At first this wasn't too hard, as I was speaking to groups of fifteen or twenty supporters - but I was honing my skills for the time when I would be ready to speak to much bigger - and often far more hostile - crowds of people. That lay in the future, our task up to 1970 was to make Leeds a strong NF Branch. We also worked closely with Sheffield NF which had grown quite a bit and both branches helped each other out at election time. We also started to attend the growing number of NF marches and demos in London. In 1968/69 we were holding more and bigger marches. We were not seen as big threat by ZOG at the time, so could march through central London as we wanted. As the marches got bigger, so did the opposition. We also held a pro-South African demo at a Springboks rugby match in London. This was brilliantly organised by Martin Webster, then National Activities Organiser. Many of us were given large pieces of white cloth with a letter on, and an entrance ticket. When we entered the ground we got in order and a huge message appeared which could be seen all over the packed stadium "National Front supports South Africa". The anti-apartheid mob was at the front of the stadium to heckle the players. They hadn't reckoned on scores of White Nationalists suddenly appearing behind them - and magically the rugby pitch was soon the scene of face down reds, who had for some mysterious reason feel headfirst over the small barrier! The NF was growing and I was learning the skills of being a White Nationalist street soldier....

Part 3

A life in White Nationalism by Eddy Morrison
Part Three by Eddy Morrison In the period 1970 to 1972, the NF underwent a rapid expansion. This was especially true in Yorkshire with the largest branch being in Huddersfield, where from a handful of members we became a very significant force in Huddersfield politics. The Huddersfield Branch numbered in the hundreds by 1972 and I spent many nights over there, organising the new people and speaking at meetings. By this time I had succeeded NF Sheffield member and Yorkshire Organiser, Alan Holmes as organiser of the newly created Yorkshire and Lancashire Region. I had a couple of dozen branches and groups under my wing, including the equally fast growing Liverpool and Manchester NF groups. This success as Yorks/Lancs Regional Organiser was to prove my undoing! The then Chairman of the National Front was the late A.K. Chesterton and he was particularly impressed by the Hudderfield membership and the fact that they also already had their own Headquarters in the town. Sheffield also had an NF shop. Chesterton made frequent visits to the Huddersfield branch and was very taken by the many, many ex-Tories in the Hudderfield area who had joined. New members included a prominent solicitor and also a wealthy local businessman, Norman Mears. Little did I suspect that I was considered too young at twenty two and also too working class to hold the "lofty" position. I should have seen the signs as Alan Holmes my predecessor as Northern Organiser had bit the dust as "he was only an ice-cream salesman." My removal came in a phone call at my work in Leeds from Chesterton (with whom I was on good terms). A.K. grandly informed me that I was to be his "personal representative" in the North and that Norman Mears was to take over as Northern Organiser. I quickly saw through this "kicking upstairs" and also the treatment of Alan Holmes, and a number of us founder members - all of whom you could classify as National Socialist were OUT, whilst the new people were IN. I resigned from the NF in protest at the treatment we felt was being meted out and also angered that ex-Tories with no radical program had usurped us in Yorkshire. Along with a small number of others, I approached Colin Jordan and was invited to join the then formed Coventry based British Movement, of which I became Northern Organiser. The time before joining British Movement was hardly a waste though. During my first stint as Northern Organiser of the NF, I made a stack of contacts and spoke regularly at meetings throughout Yorkshire and Lancashire, learning to fine tune my speaking abilities, which I didn't know I had. One thing I had discovered, I loved to speak and recruited many new members through my speeches at meetings. If admitting that speaking at meetings was one of my natural talents makes me big headed then so be it. I had discovered a natural talent for speaking in public and for swaying new folk to join the Movement. It was also at this time that things began to hot up and I spoke at some open air meetings as well as attending, along with a large number of new Northern members, the almost monthly marches which were taking place in London, organised by National Activities Organiser, Martin Webster. One of Webster's best stunts, which gave us nationwide free front page publicity for the first time was the disruption of the vile, pacifist film "How I won the war", starring John Lennon. NF members infiltrated the audience and on a signal from Martin Webster, all hell broke loose with flour bombs being hurled as well as a megaphone leading an anti-pacifist, pro-NF chant. The premiere was ruined and the film halted whilst all the NF members were evicted. Another stormy scene was an open air public meeting in Liverpool where myself and a number of local Liverpool and Merseyside NF erected a platform near the Liverpool/Birkenhead ferry terminal. We soon attracted a crowd hundreds strong, and the speeches were well received. However, I noticed more and more reds were infiltrating into the growing crowd and soon fist fights were breaking out. Ordinary Liverpool folk, mostly dockers (yes, we had a shipping industry in those days!), also came to blows with the reds accusing them of being pro-immigration and soon the Commies were scuttling back along the docks with bloody noses and black eyes. On the London marches I attended, numbers were expanding all the time, but so was the Red/Zionist opposition. In those days before the emergence of trashy organisations such as the Anti Nazi League, our main opponents were the Zionist "62 Group" (named after the year that Colin Jordan's National Socialist Movement had managed to hold a stormy meeting Trafalgar Square!) We also faced various left wing groups, especially the International Socialists (which became the SWP) and the Black Flag anarchists. At the end of one Central London march in 1972, I found myself surrounded by Black Flag anarchists against the Buckingham Palace railings. There were about eight of us facing about thirty VERY militant anarchists. Words turned to blows and wielding a large Union Flag on a pole I fended off a large black flag which was aimed for my head. We fought them to a standstill and apart from a few bruises got the better of them and managed to rejoin the bulk of the NF members in Hyde Park. Meanwhile, back in Leeds, I was involved in my first election campaigns, where I was personally standing as a candidate in the local May Council elections. Our main activity was leafleting door to door and I received about 5% of the vote in the Richmond Hill/Burmantofts ward. I also experienced the first death threats from the Red/Zionist opposition. My mother and father's home was subject to being spray painted with anti-Nazi slogans - but for my poor parents home worse was later to come in the years that followed. We weren't after votes though but publicity and the new members it brought. Soon my old Leeds Branch was getting forty to fifty people at fortnightly meetings. Leeds was beginning its rise as a growth area for White Nationalism and a dangerous place for our Red friends to ply their trade. In 1972, along with a young unemployed ex-student named David Myatt, we put our handful of British Movement members into high gear and booked the first of two meetings at a Leeds pub. Why were these meetings different from our previous ones? Well firstly we booked the room under the BM's name and secondly we splattered BM posters ADVERTISING this public meeting all over Leeds town centre. We were warned by older hands that we would be massacred. We were openly inviting the public AND THE LEFT to come to our meeting. We caste off the sneaky way of private meetings and went head forward into the public arena. Whilst postering for the first meeting, I was caught red handed putting up a bright poster and arrested for the first time. I got a £2.00 fine (!) but had established myself in the cops eyes as at last I had at last a criminal record", and my first experience of the courts and the cells. We few BM members in Leeds braced ourselves for the first weeknight public meeting...

Part 4

A life in White Nationalism by Eddy Morrison
Part Four by Eddy Morrison In 1972, we went for broke by organising open public meetings. Gone were the days (we thought!), when we would book meeting rooms under assumed names. So British Movement (about six members strong in Leeds) - but mainly myself and David Myatt - made sure that there was a rash of bright red posters advertising our first public meeting. We were lucky in that we found a landlady who was, for once, reasonable and didn't mind who booked a meeting. Our first meeting was at the now demolished "Golden Lion" on North Street in Leeds. I must admit with the few people we had, I was full of trepidation. Some BM members from Manchester came over to support us and we waited for the inevitable red onslaught. It never came - instead we had a miraculously orderly meeting and even recruited two new members who had come along genuinely interested in what BM had to say. Full of wonder that no commies or Zionists had turned up, we immediately booked another meeting for the following week and again our slightly increased activist corps smothered Leeds in posters. This time, however the reds in the form of the International Socialists came along in strength and
stormed into the room. I must admit our guard was down and I was blocked in and surrounded. I looked towards the other members and saw that they were intently staring into their beer! However, two people DID come to my aid - Dave Myatt and Andrew Brons (one day to be NF Chairman). The three of us pushed the reds out of the door - and the brave little landlady banned the lot of them by locking the doors. We went ahead and held a successful meeting. We recruited two more members that night. The third meeting wasn't a meeting! It was a brawl. We had got a bit big headed and booked a city centre pub. The reds stormed up the stairs and the meeting, which I was chairing, lasted about two minutes as we held the door against the Marxist tide. The landlord closed the meeting by calling the cops. They closed down the whole affair under the Public Order Act. Ok, we thought, if they want trouble we'll go over the top. We booked an open air public meeting for a Saturday morning (1973) and again our blaring red posters announced that our National Leader, Colin Jordan would be speaking. When we arrived (about twenty of us), the whole area was occupied by a veritable sea of reds. Not only IS turned up to stop our speaking, but the Communist Party and a host of smaller groups. We were badly outnumbered but steamed into the reds. In a few seconds, fist fights had broke out all over the Town Hall steps. I was struggling with a Zionist "class warrior". I noticed Dave Myatt was on the floor being kicked by the reds. We pulled him away and with a few cuts and bruises to our credit, we beat a hasty but sensible retreat. About half an hour later, a supporter, whose name stays anonymous, arrived and attacked the reds on his own. He was a bit of a loose cannon to say the least and to cut a long story short some reds got badly hurt - our supporter got arrested and I haven't heard of him since! This was the beginning of open warfare on the street of Leeds. In 1974, after a fall out with HQ (to be honest I cannot even remember what it was about) - we formed the strangely titled NDFM (National Democratic Freedom Movement). We opened a headquarters in Leeds centre. The members literally started flooding in. Our tough no nonsense approach at dealing with the Enemy was bringing us young, tough street soldiers and soon were were almost matching the reds in active numbers on demos and counter demos...

Part 5

A life in White Nationalism by Eddy Morrison
Part Five

In 1974, the NDFM (National Democratic Freedom Movement) came into being. Its original membership was about forty, mostly ex-BM with some NF members as well. We had our main branch in Leeds and small groups in Sheffield and Wakefield. We did have the luxury of a small two room headquarters in Great George Street, Leeds city centre and so we had a secure mailing address and a permanent meeting room. I cannot stress how important it is for White Nationalist groups to have their own property rather than have to rely on all the subterfuge that goes with booking a meeting in a pub or hotel. The NDFM could hold meetings every night if it wanted to. As it was we had a weekly meeting plus training sessions on various aspects of White Nationalist ideology.

From the first it was attack, attack, attack! Our first activities included the turning over (twice!) of an Anti-Apartheid Exhibition in Leeds. Another activity that got us a stack of publicity and our first arrests, was a counter-demo to an Anti-Racist march in Bradford. This one hit the news because some of our lads captured their main anti-racist TUC banner and publicly burned it!

At this time I had the unpleasant duty of rooting out and expelling a small bunch of "Satanists" who thought that tying our White Nationalism with their weird cult practices would get us front page publicity. It did! But although they say any publicity is good publicity, it isn't always. I had to take a bunch of our inner core harder members and eject about seven of these Cult people from our membership and ban them from our HQ. It was a pity as one in particular whose name I have mentioned earlier was a stalwart founder member. Why he went off the rails I'll never really know, and expelling him was painful but very necessary.

We organised a meeting on Leeds Town Hall steps in the Summer of 1974 and I was the main speaker. We had fifty or so NDFM "stormtroopers" protecting the meeting, but were opposed by a bunch of red weirdos including "Transexuals Against the Nazis". I spoke for about twenty minutes whilst the lads (and some lasses) held back the red filth. There were local reporters everywhere and although the police soon closed the meeting, we got away with two arrests and a few cuts and bruises.

The local and regional publicity, with pictures of the riot (sorry - meeting) were in the local press and on local radio and TV. From that day on we started to attract in large numbers the youngsters we needed as activists. Young men and women, many unemployed, who hated what multi-racialism was doing to their country and wanted ACTION!

I remember meeting up with a South Leeds "crew" on invitation. I met and spoke to about thirty rough and tough teenagers and that night they joined the NDFM - all of them! The same happened in East and West Leeds too. My brother who was our youth leader then, did particularly good work in East Leeds attracting over fifty members in a few weeks.

Not a red march passed in Leeds without the NDFM was out to oppose it. Flour and water bombs were tossed into the anti-racist marchers and quite often we would drive in and split the march. I got my first arrest that year (1974) - soon to be followed over the next few years by thirteen others! Some days we had so many members in Leeds Magistrates court we held meetings in the lunch break! I remember once, my baffled and long suffering solicitor didn't know if I was in Court 4 at 3.00pm or Court 3 at 4.00pm - it turned out I was in both....

Members of the NDFM demonstrate against a 'Leeds Left Unity Community' rally in Leeds, January 26th 1974.

We never stood for elections in the NDFM but existed simply to make Yorkshire's main towns "red free". We succeeded well in Leeds and to a lesser extent in Wakefield, Sheffield and Bradford. Names to be remembered from that time with pride were lads such as Algy, Shop, Plum, Weasle, Billy, Marc, Tony S. and a host of others. Sorry about the nicknames but that's the way we worked....

We were told by London nationalists that NOBODY spoke at Hyde Park Corner. That was an open invitation for us to book a coach and take fifty NDFM down to Speakers Corner in Hyde Park. We set up a stand and three of our people spoke, whilst I controlled the stewards. We soon attracted a large crowd of lefties and for some reason a stack of anti-fascist Jewish taxi drivers. We held them at bay as long as we could. I was knocked senseless by some Zionist wielding a metal object. With blood streaming from quite a few cuts we marched away under police observation singing "We'll meet again" to the Reds. It was only a short meeting but we had broken the taboo. White Nationalists had again spoken at Speakers Corner.

As an example of a typical NDFM anti-red demo is the following. We heard that the Young Socialists were holding a meeting at Leeds Central High School one weekday evening. We took about thirty lads along and wearing no badges were welcomed by the YS organisers who were pleased to see all the "new members" turning up. We occupied most of the room and when the speaker stood up immediately started a barrage of heckling and desk lid banging. The two feeble YS stewards grabbed me to throw me out, but the NDFM lads threw them out instead. We left the room after about fifteen minutes when they cancelled the meeting. More publicity. More members.

However as 1974 progressed and our numbers swelled into the hundreds (we could field a couple of hundred lads at almost a moments notice - I DO NOT exaggerate!), I started getting discipline problems. We had never laid down a firm framework of organisation and we started attracting some unsavoury criminal elements too. The more ideological members were getting a bit fed up of the unplanned hooligan antics of some of our new members. I decided that a purge was necessary and with it a new start. We contacted other small groups in the Midlands, Peterborough and London and had a unity meeting. The name suggested was the old name of John Bean's now defunct BNP.
So we reformed the BNP with its HQ at my house in Leeds. At the same time I expelled over half the NDFM newcomers in Leeds and reformed the best of them into the newly established BNP. Organisation, rules and discipline became much tighter but from 1975, growth and activities moved into a higher level and we found ourselves carrying our sunwheel banners into Lancashire, London and the North-East.

Press cuttings from Yorkshire Evening Post, 2nd May 1977

Part 6

A life in White Nationalism by Eddy Morrison
Part Six

by Eddy Morrison

At the beginning of 1976, after much planning the British National Party was launched at a big indoor meeting in Leeds. The last months of 1975 had been taken up with getting together a tight National Council to run the new Movement. At the first Leeds meeting many old NDFM members joined the new BNP and also we attracted a number of British Movement and National Front members.

One thing became immediately obvious over our previous NDFM position. Firstly the NF nationally was in disarray with the NS radicals being kicked aside by the National Populists. Tyndall and Webster were replaced by John Kingsley Read, Roy Painter, John O'Brien and other basically patriotic Tory types. The young radical men and women of the Front were looking for something new, especially in the North of England, and the revitalised BNP arrived at the right moment.

Secondly, the BNP as a result of desertions from the BM and NF expanded into London, the Midlands and especially Lancashire, where ex-NF activists quickly established a whole network of new groups along the Colne Valley and also in Manchester. This was a new experience for me. We had set out to conquer Leeds, which on a street basis we had done. The BNP was VERY firmly established in Leeds with sub-branches in East, West and South Leeds. In Bradford too we had a firm foundation for a strong branch and our suppression of red street activities and meetings in these areas continued. However, I found myself speaking at BNP new group meetings all over the North, the Midlands and in London, where we received support from BM people and old NSM members - one of whom, Ian Kerr-Ritchie, was a great asset to us in bringing in older National Socialists.

In East London, many of the members of British Movement's Leader Guard, led by Albert Chambers were also joint BNP members. This gave us a nationwide structure on which to build the BNP.

Our party publication was the monthly BRITISH NEWS. We also produced a monthly members bulletin without fail, to ensure that each and every member was kept up to date with what was happening.

In private we got around the Public Order Acts banning of uniforms by adopting a uniform at private closed meetings which consisted of brown shirt, black tie and black "bomber" style jackets. Our Party Security Organisation (PSO), led by local Leeds member Algy P. were blackshirted from the start. So when a new member walked into one of our big weekly meetings in Leeds, instead of a dumpy, colourless debating group, he or she was greeted with background martial music; a top table covered with red white and black Sunwheel banners (our party symbol) and the sight of PSO members lining the walls. All entrants had to sign in and the front rows were usually occupied by ranks of brownshirted members. To speak at these meetings was terrific and the atmosphere was electric. Of course uniforms in public were and are forbidden, so our street demonstrations were legal!

We had a policy of co-operation with local BM and NF branches and were pleased on one occasion to help out the Leeds NF at a street sale when about 40 BNP arrived to find 10 or so NF surrounded by bussed-in SWP members. Together with the NF we made short work of the SWP and they scattered and ran.

At this time, the SWP were recruiting some pretty heavy types in and although we had swept the weedy student middle class types away we suddenly found ourselves confronted by Marxists of a real working class background. These new breed of reds stood their ground and we had some heavy fights on our hands with them.

They wrecked one of our West Leeds meetings and the street violence escalated again with the BNP again out to win the streets.

One tactic we employed was the introduction of monthly "Days of Action". We would pick out a town where we were weak or had no group and the reds didn't expect us and then put out a special "Action Bulletin" urging all activists to descend on a Saturday on a particular city. Barnsley was a good example of this. We leaked to the reds and the cops that our Day of Action for February 1976 was to be Sheffield. The SB and the cops got ready to turn us back at the station as usual, and the local Sheffield red riff-raff occupied the site we said we were going to be at. Instead we descended in force on Barnsley, South Yorkshire and nearly 100 of us gave out thousands of leaflets. We met up with local Barnsley youth and laid the basis for a new Barnsley group. Meanwhile, as most of our members returned to their home towns, a flying column of BNP members DID go to Sheffield and caught the reds unexpected as they prepared to go home. I am told that a whole weeks supply of one red newspaper ended up in the River Don!

One other type of activity we pushed was for camps and hikes. Most Sundays, groups of BNP members went on hikes into the Yorkshire Dales and every three months we held a monthly camp in the country. At these camps we had sports activities, ideological and speakers training and also OF COURSE a regular nightly social!

We placed great emphasis on training in both aspects of our beliefs and also on training members both to chair meetings and to speak. As a result of this we built up a good number of members we could send off to speak at public or private meetings in new areas.

Our success however attracted the attention of the West Yorkshire Police and especially Special Branch. In the years 1976/77 we were plagued by a constant succession of "members" who were police informers. We also constantly (as usual!) had many members facing charges of various kinds plus a number of lads were in prison as a result of clashes with the reds and other Public Order offences. In fact, in the ever active Leeds Branch, if you hadn't been arrested or imprisoned you were considered to be a "virgin" (politically that is!). I myself saw the inside of Armley Prison as a result
of a street clash. I got bail but on very strict conditions. I was on curfew from 9.00pm at night until 8.00am next morning. On top of that I was also completing a 180 Community Service Order which took up most of my Saturdays (that was for yet another offence under the Public Order Act when some red accidentally fell though a shop window - er, I am told). Running a national organisation under these circumstances was pretty hard going, especially as at this time my first wife left me because of the constant trouble.

We were subject to almost daily death threats either by letter or phone, and one night some "brave" Commies painted "Fascists Out!" all over the wrong house (our neighbour facing us who was none too pleased!). Carol my first wife had enough and looking back I don't blame her, but the struggle carried on.

In London we were working closely with the then newly formed League of Saint George and I spoke at some of their early meetings. We also sent a contingent every year to the all-White Nationalist rally at Diksmuide in Belgium. There I made some great international contacts with Germans such as Manfred Roeder and Michael Kuhnen, with Flemish activists and with Spanish from CEDADE and French NS folk. As a result of this we appointed one member our International Liaison Officer and started getting European Nationalists speaking at our meetings and especially at our Annual Congress, where in 1977 Manfred Roeder spoke to a packed meeting.